Tetsuro Ohashi

Tetsuro Ohashi
Born in 1994 in Sapporo , Japan. He received him BFA from Sapporo Otani University.He studies at Global Art Practice MFA program, Tokyo University of the Arts. The work of him is installation of video, object, and drawing. His interest is event and scenery of every day. He enlargements an everyday trifling event. And these are located in the gallery space , the scenery from a new viewpoint is reproduced. Selected exhibition: Always the Young Stranger, CAI02 gallery, Sapporo(2015); Drawing Lab, halle atelier and alternative space, Sapporo(2015); Otodoke Art, hokuyou elementary school, Sapporo(2015); Sapporo Art Stage, Sapporo Underground Pedestrian Space Station, Sapporo(2015).

Solo exhibitions
2014 By things to think(8.26-9.1/halle/Sapporo)

Group exhibitions
2017 Dynamics of playground(11.4-12.3/Cafe hammock/Mitaka)
2016 いつかきたみちこどもみち(7.9-10.12/Sapporo Odori 500-m Underground Walkway Gallery/Sapprp)
Complex Topography: Movement and Change(9.13-11.6/Ritsurin Garden/Takamatsu)
2015 MACC 2015 a/w(2.16-2.21/Clock Tower Gallery/Sapporo)
Always the Young Stranger(5.15-6.5/CAI02/Sapporo)
Drawing Lab(5.16-5.23/halle/Sapporo)
2014 halle opening party exhibition(4.12-4.19/halle opening party)
pace and influence (-9.28/halle/Sapporo)
Sapporo Art Stage(11.9-12.8/Sapporo Underground Pedestrian Space Station Road/Sapporo)
2013 DOTMOV FESTIVAL 2013(CAI02/Sapporo other)

2015 Artist in School(8.19-/Hokuyo elementary school/sapporo)